Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) are beginning to appear in many schools and education centres throughout Ireland. IWBs work in conjunction with a computer or laptop and a data projector. The first board of its kind in Ireland was the SMART Board in 1991 but only in the past 5 years or so have they become widely popular in educational presentations.

How are they implemented?

Interactive WhiteboardsThere are three physical components in any IWB system: the Data Projector, the Board and a Computer, while the key ingredient is the software that will drive them all. The boards work by sending information to and from a computer, typically via USB or BlueTooth. The 'input device' is usually a stylus or in some cases even your finger-tip. The changing data is displayed back on the Board via the Data Projector. The system will work without the Board being turned on - but your interaction will be via the computer's mouse: the Board in this case will be an expensive projection screen.

Many IWB systems now come with optional tablets that can be passed around a classroom for students to use and from which the information on the Board can be manipulated. Recent developments include a 'one touch' power-on button, to start all three hardware components. Other developments include rear-projection and portable units (where the data projector is housed inside a large trolley, and uses a mirror system to shine through the front-mounted board), and indeed boards which are 'hardware only' (they come only with basic OS drivers) which allow you (subject to licensing of course) to use other-board software.

Already have a whiteboard?

There are solutions available to schools which already have invested in a computer and data projector for use with their existing classroom whiteboards. Attachments can be bought which add a high level of interactivity to the system.

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