Mobile WiFi

High speed internet is essential in today's world but for some people low signal strengths cause considerable reductions in data transfer rates when needed most. For the mobile user, finding a good signal is a challenge. The gain and elevation provided by any external antenna will make all the difference. That is why BellCom is the region's leader in providing a Card Antenna range as the simple solution to a sometimes difficult problem.


WM11 3G Antenna3G Mobile Broadband & GPRS High Gain Panel Antenna

Presenting the WM11 range of high gain, directional antennas to provide a simple and cost effective way of improving the range of a GSM or 3G network. This works by transferring high network coverage from the outside of a building to the clients indoors. They can also be used to ensure better connections between machines by offering improved antenna positioning. This antenna kit comes complete with all the cable you need and will plug directly into your data card without any additional products.


About 3G with our WM11

Any 3G signal is often affected by structural factors resulting in low signal gain inside buildings. The WM11 is a multiband, ultra high gain panel antenna that transmits your 3G signal in the direction of the nearest base station to ensure optimum signal strength. Designed for mounting on a wall or mast, the WM11 is waterproof and UV stabilised so it can withstand any weather conditions.


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