Large Format Displays

Samsung Large Format Displays

Samsung LCD, LED and Plasma Large Format Displays

LCD Large Format Displays by Samsung are precise, professional with superior brightness and extraordinary dynamic contrast. With optimal performance under the elegant and stylish Samsung LFD grabs your attention and holds on to it.

Plasma Large Format Displays by Samsung are able to accurately represent colors as they exist in nature so images appear natural and realistic every time.

LED Large Format Displays by Samsung in the EX(n) LED series represent the evolution of digital displays. With unique eco-friendly features, Ultra-Slim, ultra-lightweight, will full HD images, they allow you to create a professional display that is designed to meet your needs with superior style.

As the brightest displays in the industry, every unit comes with a range of 1080p HD, Digital and Analogue connection options, powerful functionality and exceptional readability. Improved heat protection and dissipation features allow reliable continuous operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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